So, what do you want to be known for?


Today: A fellow photographer is using the studio this morning, which shook up my routine. I am currently sitting at a local french restaurant on the patio and the weather is beautiful - just warm enough with a slight breeze… I can’t decide if I want to wear my sweater or not, so for now, I let it hang on the black rattan chair beside me. I order an omelette and an americano, both of which feel like a real treat. I find so much joy in just sitting here, listening to conversations around me. Feeling the energy of the people and getting a contact high.

I had planned on coming here to work. Which I am… but it’s so easy to get deliciously distracted by those around me. To my right, sit a man and a woman… I assume they are in their 60s. The gentleman looks ‘artsy’, as his white hair is pulled in a low ponytail with a black elastic. Imagine my excitement when I see the woman has a stack of prints, each wrapped in cellophane. I immediately recognize her vulnerability through this art and feel we are already kindred spirits. I can’t make out what exactly the prints are, but they appear to be photographs on a matted off-white paper. Maybe film… probably film. I hear the words, photoshop and wanting an authentic opinion. She clearly values what he has to say. I’m trying so hard to see what she has created and what the gentelman’s eyes are currently devouring. The idea of this happening right next to me makes me so effing excited, and also a real treat. An elderly woman with a cane walks towards me and I smile… She tells me that a butterfly just flew over my head and what a pretty picture it would have made. This is magic, man.

Musings: Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox which means the season has officially transitioned and I feel it; I especially feel it as I sit outside on this gorgeous day. The transition of the season is a great reminder to re-focus and reflect. A conversation with a friend this morning triggered the idea of coming up with a mission statement, if you will, for my ‘brand’ my ‘art’. She asked what I wanted to be known for, and that is one of the best questions I’ve been asked in a while… Initially, my character popped into my head. I want to be known as a woman with integrity, who was loyal and kind. I want my empathy & spirit to shine. In my work, I want to be known for my ability to portray emotion through art. And lastly, I said I want to be known for not being afraid to follow my passion & my truth and hope to encourage others to do the same.

I slip my sweater over my shoulders and am reminded of how connected we all are… I need to take more time to be reminded of this. We are all working towards something, and all wish to be known in some way. So, what is it that you want to be known for?